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At National Pipe and Plastics, we're always striving to 'Do The Right Thing.' That means taking care of our Employees, our Vendors, our Sales Representatives, and especially, our Customers. Our aim is to provide professionalism and courtesy in every transaction.

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National Pipe and Plastics Inc.'s 4" through 48" water products are manufactured to meet the requirements of AWWA C900-16 and ASTM D2241 (IPSOD). Thus providing safe, clean, corrosion resistant, lightweight and strong water piping. Learn More


National Pipe & Plastics, Inc.'s 4" through 48" sewer and wastewater products are manufactured to meet the requirements of ASTM D3034 and ASTM F679. These products provide superior performance as a result of inherent strength, flexibility and corrosion resistance. Learn More


National Pipe & Plastics, Inc.'s 1/2" through 6" electrical product line offers a complete range of Schedule 40, Schedule 80 Conduit and Fittings. Our entire line meets all applicable NEMA standards as well as the requirements of UL651. We also offer a full line of communications and telephone duct and fittings, which also meet all appropriate NEMA standards. Learn More


National Pipe & Plastics Inc.'s plumbing and industrial products are maufactured to meet the requirements of ASTM D1785 for Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 and to ASTM D2665 for Drain, Waste and Vent. These products are the leading preferred piping systems due to their light weight, strength and lower installed costs. Learn More

Oldcastle Infrastructure Acquisition Statement

The strategic addition of PVC pipe to Oldcastle Infrastructure’s offering further enables the company to provide fully integrated solutions that connect and protect critical utility infrastructure from source to consumer. Demand for PVC pipe continues to grow, supported by long-term macro trends and continually increasing market adoption. PVC pipe also has strong sustainability benefits including a long service life and recyclability potential.

“National serves the same markets and end customers as Oldcastle Infrastructure, with PVC pipe frequently being installed next to our products on the same jobsites by the same contractors,” said Jason Jackson, President of Oldcastle Infrastructure. “Combining PVC pipe with Oldcastle Infrastructure’s existing products will create a unique offering and an opportunity to provide customers with value-added end-to-end solutions.”

Olcastle Full Press Release

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